Funeral Flower Arrangements for Men

Funeral Flower Arrangements for Men

Finding appropriate funeral flowers for a man might seem like a difficult task, but it’s simpler than you think. We’ll walk you through a few steps so that you can find the most fitting arrangement for the friend or loved one who has recently passed.

First off, you should understand that your relationship to the deceased determines which arrangement style you should provide for the funeral service. If you are a very close relative or friend, you are responsible for the casket spray (the arrangement that sits atop the coffin) and any casket adornments (bouquets, floral pillows, or other arrangements placed inside the casket). Usually people who are planning the funeral service select the designs for the casket arrangements.

People outside of this group should not send flowers that touch the casket. If you are a distant relative, co-worker or friend, you can send floor basket arrangements, standing sprays and wreaths, or table arrangements.

Pictured below are the various types of funeral arrangements we’ve just discussed. Look them over and determine which is the best style for you to send. People often group together to share the cost of sending a standing spray or floor arrangement because they are more expensive than a standard sympathy arrangement (which is a flowers-in-vase arrangement that is sent to the home of the grieving family — not the funeral home).

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Funeral Flowers for Men — Colors

Color palette is perhaps the most important factor when considering which flowers to order for a man’s funeral. As a society we have an association between flowers and femininity, but we’ll show you how you can use certain flowers and accents to make the arrangement more masculine.

Let’s first consider the range of color palettes: light pastels to rich gemstone hues. If you want a more masculine arrangement, avoid relying on pastels (think Easter flower colors) as the main feature. Instead, choose white blossoms or vibrant, maybe even tropical, blooms. You can use softer colors, if you want, by blending them with a mostly green arrangement (this is especially fitting in springtime, and we’ll discuss later).

If you can’t settle on one color that represents your lost loved one, consider his birthday month for inspiration. For instance purple is closely associated with February and red with December. Basing the design of the arrangement on the month of his birth is one way to pay tribute to when he came into the world and, consequently, the life he lived while he was here.

Or maybe you feel like honoring his lifestyle. If he was a nature lover or avid outdoorsman, go for a woodsy feel by incorporating grasses, moss, small branches, pinecones and large leaves.

Seasonal Funeral Arrangements for Men

If you’re having a hard time settling on an arrangement or color scheme, pull inspiration from the current season. For instance, if it’s springtime, seasonal arrangements range from softer hues to brighter, almost neon, colors.

We mentioned in the previous section that you should avoid pastel colors if you want a masculine arrangement. That is true, however you can use softer hues mixed with a lot of greenery (mosses, grasses, over-sized leaves, chrysanthemums and other green blossoms) to create a unique look that isn’t overtly feminine but still adds a softness to the room.

If it’s summertime, tropical flowers are very appropriate, as are many brighter arrangements also used in spring arrangements. 

Autumn marks a shift from hot pinks and bright greens to deeper, earthier hues — golden yellow, dark green, burnt orange, rust red and crimson. Sunflowers, grasses, mums, rich red blossoms are all used in these seasonal arrangements. In a section above, we provided an image of a casket spray made with sunflowers and grasses; this piece is very representative of an autumn arrangement.

Winter calls for rich red blossoms (roses and poinsettias) and white flowers.

Funeral Flowers for a Man: Honor His Personality or Interests

Was the deceased a sports fanatic? If so, florists can shape an arrangement to celebrate his favorite team. For example, flowers can be arranged to represent a baseball and a “Go Yankees” banner can hang from the piece. As you can see, this is a very personal arrangement to send. To send this type of funeral arrangement, you should have a close personal connection to the deceased or to the family.

Other ideas:

  • If the departed was a gambler who loved taking trips to Vegas, flowers can be arranged to illustrate playing cards.
  • If he was very religious, flowers can be shaped to form the Bible.
  • If he loved cars, have the florists design an arrangement that represents his favorite auto model.
  • If he was a birder, there are several bird species that can be illustrated with blossoms.


Think on his hobbies, his interests, what he did for fun. If you knew him well, you should be able to come up with a few ideas. Just remember that this is a very unique type of arrangement to send. For very formal families who are grieving, this might not be the best arrangement style to send to them. Other families will really appreciate such a personalized arrangement. It all depends on the personalities of the grieving family and what’s most appropriate for the service they’ve planned.

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