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Funeral Flower Arrangements: Ideas for a Man

In life, there is always a variation between those things that are meant for men and those things that are meant for women.  Customs, and traditions teach each one of us that certain clothes, shoes and other material things are made and designed for a particular gender.  Perhaps these things can somehow be interchanged, but the norms tell us over and over that they are meant to be as is because of practical reasons.  Even in death and funeral flowers, men and women are treated distinctly based on the unique characteristics of both gender worlds.

For funeral flowers ideas for a man’s funeral in particular, certain flower arrangements are considered more appropriate than others.  While flowers are believed as a feminine fad in the normal day-to-day life, men who pass away and leave a mark in other people’s lives deserve equal forms of appreciation and acknowledgement through colorful blossoms and arrangements.  Consequently, there are particular types of funeral flower arrangements designed for men.  These arrangements are no different than the most common funeral flower arrangements, but are given a more masculine motif through the type and color of flowers being used.

A good example of a funeral flower arrangement for a man is a simple standing spray that includes minimal variations of colors such as a combination of red, burgundy and a little white.  When choosing to include more shades and colors to the arrangement, feminine color combinations such as lavender and pink are excluded.  Out of the customary belief that men like simplicity more than women, standing sprays meant for them are created with simple yet elegant designs.

Like standing sprays and other flower arrangements for grieving families and friends, there are particular casket sprays meant for men.  Traditionally sent by family members, casket sprays can be designed to match the masculine personality of a deceased husband, brother or son.  This type of arrangement can be done by considering the color of the casket and the clothing worn by the deceased, as well as integrating manly ribbons, leaves and stems.  Other people choose to mix the least number of colors or hues in order to create a masculine effect.

The kinds of flowers also matters when choosing a flower arrangement for a man’s funeral.  Red, orange, white, blue and yellow roses are the most common types of funeral flowers used in a man’s funeral service.  Chrysanthemums are another option because they generally convey grief, and are available in different masculine colors.  Carnations are also used in men’s funerals, but it is important to consider taking out yellow ones due to the message of disappointment they usually convey.

In the end, sending funeral flowers for a man can be fairly easy once you get to differentiate which colors are more masculine since almost all types of funeral flower arrangements are used regardless of gender.  While it is definitely the thought that counts, sending the more appropriate funeral flower arrangement for a man is more significant to honor and acknowledge the person’s individuality and unique character. There are so many elegant funeral flowers ideas!