Funeral Flowers for a Lost Child

Flowers for a Child’s Funeral: What Types are Most Appropriate?

It’s a common tradition to send funeral flowers to the family of someone who has recently passed away — but how is this done when the deceased is a young child? In this guide we’ll tell you how funeral flowers for children are different than arrangements for adults, we’ll give you a list of flowers and colors to consider when shopping for arrangements, and we’ll tell you which arrangements to send (because it depends on your relationship to the child). Let’s get started with how to choose an arrangement — casket sprays, standing sprays and wreaths, floor bouquets and sympathy table arrangements are all explained.



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Funeral Flowers for Children: Arrangement Types and Styles

Funeral flower arrangements for children should convey hope, innocence and a sense of moving on to a better place. To do this, florists often use white or pastel colored blooms partly because of their symbolism and partly because of their soothing and youthful qualities.

But before we discuss which flowers and colors should be used in the funeral arrangements, let’s address which type of arrangement you should provide. To do this, consider your relationship to the deceased.

Are You an Immediate Family Member of the Deceased Child?
If you are a member of the immediate family and you’re helping to plan the funeral services, you’re expected to select a casket spray (the arrangement that sits on the casket). You’re also responsible for choosing any casket adornments. These are small floral pieces that decorate the casket — pillows made from flowers, small wreaths that hang from the corner of the casket, or strands of flowers that drape across the top of the casket. Traditional funeral service etiquette is that immediate family members choose all the flowers that touch the casket.

Close family can also provide standing sprays and wreaths or floor bouquets for the service.

Are You a Friend or Distant Relative to the Grieving?
If you’re a friend or distant relative of someone who has lost a child, standing sprays and wreaths and floor bouquets are the arrangements you should consider; you can also send sympathy flowers (vase table arrangements) to the home of the grieving family.

How to Choose the Best Flowers for a Child’s Funeral

Funeral arrangements for children are designed from two color palettes: pastel and vibrant.

Pastel casket sprays are usually made of light-colored roses, carnations and lilies. White blossoms are commonly used in these arrangements, or on their own for solid white designs; white arrangements are fitting for a child’s funeral because the color conveys innocence and purity. Lighter, pastel-hued arrangements elegantly symbolize youth and rebirth (think Easter and springtime colors), and add a softness to the environment.

The other palette includes vibrant, brighter blossoms.

Sunny colors that convey happiness and brightness are appropriate in any funeral flower arrangement for a child because of the joy and sweetness we all associate with youth. To achieve this feeling, florists often use sunflowers, daffodils, yellow roses and yellow tulips.

Occasionally blossoms are combined and shaped to honor a specific hobby or special interest of the child. Flowers can be arranged in the shapes of angels, crosses, hearts, ballerina slippers, toy trains, teddy bears, and footballs, among many other things. Ordering a customized funeral arrangement is a wonderful tribute if you’re close to the departed.

Sometimes people group together to purchase a personalized arrangement. For instance, if a child on a baseball team has passed away, the parents of the team will purchase a design of a standing piece made of dozens of roses that have been carefully placed so that the arrangement looks like a baseball.

Again, this is only if you have a personal connection to the child.

If you did not have a relationship with the departed, opt for a floor bouquet, standing spray or wreath instead. Or send a table arrangement to the home of the parents.

Are Funeral Flowers for Children Different than Arrangements for Adults?

Sometimes, yes. Funeral arrangements for children are usually smaller than arrangements for adults. When you order standing sprays and wreaths online, you are usually given three size options (small, medium, large). We recommended sending small or medium arrangements to the service, if possible.

However, some online florists only offer certain wreaths and sprays in one standard size. That is perfectly appropriate to send.

Funeral Flower Arrangements for Children — Online Florist Shops

We’ve put together a small group of arrangements that appropriate funeral flowers for children.

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