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Funeral Flowers Ideas for a Lost Child

Grieving for a Lost Young One

Losing a child is one of the most devastating experiences possible and can bring about strong and diverse emotions.  It is a much dreaded occurrence that should be taken with careful consideration, especially when trying to show or express feelings of sympathy and compassion.  The most common tradition is sending funeral flowers to the family of the deceased—but how is this done particularly when the deceased is a young child? Based on the unique character of a child, funeral flower arrangements should reflect innocence and contentment—this, as practiced for years, has been thought to distinguish a child’s funeral from an adult’s. While the death of a young one is a very sad occasion, there are certain customs regarding funeral flower arrangements that should be considered other than the atmosphere of grief and dismay upon such an early demise.

A Light of Hope

Children are considered angels because of their purity and incorruptibility to the evils of the world.  Because of this, while the family grieves of their loss, they should be given hope and a renewed belief that their child is in a place much greater and better than this world.  Funeral flower arrangements may convey this message through the use of light pastel colors or a vibrant combination of flowers and leaves.  White symbolizes purity and it is perfect for funeral flower arrangements meant for a young child who passed away.  It also gives a light of hope to the parents and loved ones, making them feel lighter and better instead of bringing a gloomy and miserable atmosphere.

A Glimpse of Heaven and Angels

When a funeral is filled with beautiful flower arrangements specially made for the child who passed away, a bitter sweet scene is created that gives the parents a glimpse of the heaven where their child has gone.  This belief may not be applicable to all religions or traditions, but having such a blissful memory of a child surrounded by wonderful blossoms is a gift that you can give to the parents of the deceased.  Different from those for adults, it is more appropriate to include light colored flowers than dark ones.  Ribbons can be added to accentuate the arrangement, with colors depending on the casket and the clothing worn by the child who passed away.

Designed with Goodness

When choosing between different funeral flower arrangements for a departed child, you should take into account your relation to the deceased.  If you are a member of the immediate family, you can send casket sprays made of light colored roses, carnations and lilies.  Sunny colors that mirror an optimistic character are also perfect in any funeral flowers arrangement for a child.  Numerous designs are ideal for children’s wakes; shapes such as angels, crosses, hearts and pillows are also a few of the options that you have.  Sizes are almost always smaller than arrangements for adults.  Nonetheless, when ordering specifically for a deceased child, it will be very helpful to inform the florist so they will know what designs to offer, and how exceptionally good the arrangement has to be. Funeral flowers ideas are virtually limitless for children or any other dearly departed.