If you already know what you need, and now you are looking for an online flower shop that you can count on, try one of our top recommendations (for UK and EU recommendations, click here):

1. FloristOne
2. Flower Delivery and Flower Delivery Express
3. Flowers Fast
4. 1-800-FLORALS
5. Just Flowers

Check them out for yourself. Compare prices, selection, promotions, and shipping policies, and then choose the one that is best for you. Good Luck.

Free Delivery Funeral Flowers

There is something delightful in the word “free”.  Regardless of its context, this particular word is the favorite of millions of people all over the world.  Because of the ever-growing economic challenges our country faces, consumers have developed a love for complimentary products and services that are provided by various businesses online.  A good example of free services offered by both online and offline stores are free delivery funeral flowers.  These products and services may not be the ones you usually buy, but they are definitely indispensable; a kind of merchandise that is constantly utilized by people of different cultures and traditions.

In different parts of the world, people have different ways of remembering the deceased.  In most countries, the use of funeral flower arrangements is the most customary.  Thousands of designs have been crafted and developed by professional florists, each one having a distinct message depending on the type of arrangement and the flowers that go with it.  People who need to send flowers of sympathy, honor and gratitude to a grieving family can order a standing spray, a casket cover, a wreath, a floral basket, a vase arrangement, a table arrangement or a bouquet.  Aside from those already mentioned, there are other options like inside casket pieces (which are usually sent by younger relatives of the deceased) and personal preferences such as a single rose, a plant or a “cup”—which are all products of the imaginative minds of florists who turn wonderful funeral flowers ideas into real, exemplary pieces that express feelings and messages of love, comfort and reassurance.  And since there are too many online floral shops that offer these beautiful and fresh creations, customers tend to get confused on where to actually order.  This is where free delivery comes in.

Free delivery for funeral flowers is primarily offered by UK flower vendors:

- Arena Flowers – This is our top choice for their large and beautiful selection, their FREE next day delivery (Mon.-Fri.), and their commitment to excellent customer service. They provide a number to call for any assistance or customizations you might need. ( 0800 0350 581 ).

- FlowerCard – This shop has only three official sympathy flower arrangements, but we recommend it because it has a creative new approach to online flower giving. The arrangements are compact, and displayed within an actual card. This style of sympathy flowers may not be right for you, but for some occasions it might just be perfect. Also, the prices are very reasonable.

- ValueFlora – also has a limited but elegant selection of sympathy flower offers. The best part about this online shop is that they include FREE UK delivery and you have the option of adding some thoughtful extras such as a bow or re-usable vase.

- Serenata Flowers – This is an excellent Florist, based in London, that delivers anywhere in the UK, offering FREE delivery to almost every destination. This is certainly one of our top recommendations. When you follow the link to their homepage, use the lower left-side “Occasions” navigation categories to choose “Sympathy” or “Funeral” flower arrangements.

In the USA, the best vendor for free delivery options is Pro Flowers.

Check out Pro Flowers for their free delivery offers, and their offer to include a free glass vase with your order.

Also check out a few of our top reviewed and most trusted online vendors, and be sure to investigate their current promotions and deals, you may get lucky and find a free delivery offer:


Flower Delivery and Flower Delivery Express

Flowers Fast

1-800-FLOWERS, and

Just Flowers

When people are flooded with practically the same products and rates, they look for something that makes one better than the other.  Online floral shops have their own unique ways of enticing consumers to click on the “order now” button, but the most effective marketing strategy is providing a highly professional same day delivery service without compromising the quality and without charging additional costs as well.  When these are all merged into a single product, people swarm to the company that provides it.  It is like a magnet that draws the attention of millions of people.  This is logical—the rising need for lower costs in the midst of a highly competitive market.  So if you are looking for online funeral flowers, you can opt to spend more or get the most out of your money’s value by checking out which floral shops offer free same-day online funeral flowers delivery and inexpensive yet highly creative flower arrangements for your dearly beloved.  In order to make sure that your chosen floral shop is reputable in its line of business, ask around and do a little research on customer reviews and comments.  Once you see that they have a lot of loyal consumers, you can be confident enough and entrust your funeral flower orders to them.