Types of Funeral Flower Arrangements

Types of Funeral Arrangements — Which Type Should You Send?

There are a few different types of funeral arrangements that you could send to the location of the funeral service, but you can’t just randomly select one and have it delivered. Why not? Because your relationship to the departed determines which type of funeral arrangement to send. Those who were closest to the deceased can send arrangements that would be inappropriate for distant relatives or colleagues to send.

Let us explain.

Here’s a list of funeral arrangements you’ll see as you shop:

Casket Adornments:
These are arrangements placed inside the casket. They include small bouquets, rosaries, garlands, strands of blossoms, mini wreaths, and flowers tucked into the lapel. Again, these flowers are inside the casket, sometimes touching the body of the deceased.

Casket Sprays:
These sit atop the casket. If the service is open-casket, the arrangements sits on the half that is closed (the bottom half of the coffin). If the service is closed-casket, the arrangements is much larger and covers the entire top of the casket.

Standing Sprays and Wreaths:
These arrangements are large and vary greatly in design and aesthetic. They are perched on a tripod stand.

Floor Bouquets:
These arrangements are much larger than standard vase bouquets, and they’re usually in special pots or baskets. They are placed on the floor near the casket or standing sprays.

Pedestal Arrangements:
These smaller arrangements are placed on a column or pedestal. They are not as common as standing sprays and wreaths because there’s no way for most people to know if a funeral home will have a pedestal on hand so that the flowers can be displayed at the service. For this reason, the arrangements are usually chosen by the people who are planning the funeral services to match the casket spray or to accompany an urn.

Urn Flower Arrangements:
These arrangements are placed nearby an urn. Like casket sprays and adornments, they are chosen by those closest to the departed.

Sympathy Flowers:
Sympathy flowers and funeral flowers are not the same thing. Funeral flowers are sent to the funeral home or location of the service. Sympathy flowers, on the other hand, are standard-sized bouquets (in vases) sent to the homes of the grieving.

Casket and Urn Arrangements

Any flower arrangements that go inside or on top of the casket are the responsibility of the departed’s closest loved ones — parents, children, spouses, siblings. The same goes for any arrangement placed around an urn.

In case you didn’t read the brief descriptions of arrangement types above, these include casket adornments, casket sprays, urn arrangements, and pedestal arrangements.


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Floor Bouquets and Standing Sprays and Wreaths

If you’re a distant relative, a friend, or colleague of the deceased, floor bouquets and standing arrangements are what you should send to the funeral service.

As you can see in the photos below, the designs of standing sprays vary greatly. They can be shaped like hearts or other objects, they come in several sizes, and they’re made with nearly every available flower and color.

Floor arrangements are wonderful because they add a layering affect to the flower display around the casket. With only standing sprays, there’s a lot of empty space. Floor bouquets fill those spaces with color and beauty so that the environment directly surrounding the casket feels more complete.

A few pedestal arrangements are shown below because they’re not strictly for immediate family only. Just be sure to check with the funeral home to make sure that a pedestal will be available for displaying the arrangement.

Sympathy Flower Arrangements

As we explained earlier, sympathy flowers are not the same as funeral arrangements. Sympathy arrangements are sent to the homes of the grieving, not to the funeral service.

These vase arrangements vary in size, but they’re never as large as arrangements sent to funeral services.

And like standing sprays and wreaths, sympathy flowers are sent by distant relatives, friends, and colleagues of the deceased. They are placed around the home and at the office.

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