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Funeral Flowers Ideas: Inside Pieces

Funeral flower arrangements are not limited to baskets, stands and tables.  Inside pieces are an integral type of arrangement that connote the same traditional meanings and are usually sent by younger relatives or family members.  Just like any other type of funeral flower arrangement, inside casket pieces are both superficially and profoundly significant.  They are placed inside the casket, as corner clusters, sheaves, hinge sprays and beautifully shaped flower pillows, rosaries and crosses.

The superficial worth of inside pieces entail artistic funeral flower ideas.  The deeper meaning that each one implies depends on the type of flower used.   A few suggestions for those who want choose the most customized yet artsy arrangements are:

  • A rosary made of red roses petitioning for the peaceful and safe departure of the deceased.  To make a replica of a real rosary, add an actual cross with its size corresponding to the size of the roses.  Regardless of what the cross is made of, the type of flowers used are the most decisive on whether it will appear inspired.  The cross will, however, become supplementary in its overall manifestation.
  • Bouquet types are also conventional, but will forever be a sweet way of saying goodbye to a departed loved one.  Inside pieces can come in this form, and they are definitely an elegant sight when placed in caskets.  Depending on the message you need to send through the bouquet, the kind of flowers used can vary.  Since you are probably an immediate or close relative of the person who passed away, messages of love, admiration, honor, tribute, peace and parting will be appropriate.  To convey them, pink carnations, pink roses, white roses, lilies and carnations can be mixed into a bouquet.  Add some sheer pink or purple ribbons, tulips and mini carnations and you will come up with an elegantly made funeral flower arrangement.
  • Another attention grabbing design for inside pieces is the satin pillow type.  To match the tranquil and quiet ambiance, cushion pillows made of elegant satin and graceful laces are combined with gorgeously arranged flowers, leaves and ribbons.  In most cases, pillows are white, while flowers are usually in a single color or shade.  Although you can choose from different kinds of flowers for your cushion type inside piece, roses are the customary when it comes to this type of arrangement.
  • Fans can also serve tribute to a deceased by acting as the base for an inside piece.  Like the pillow, it is where an array of flowers are placed, giving a neat and stylish display of honor and love.

While there are conventional customs, manners, and etiquette practices when it comes to inside pieces and other types of funeral flower arrangements, you can always find yourself more comfortable with using pieces of memorabilia from the deceased’s meaningful life.  As a young relative of the person who passed away, giving acknowledgement to the person’s consequential existence can be done in its most evocative way through personalized funeral flowers created through the inspiration of that same person.