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Funeral Flower Messages: What To Say

Funeral Flower Messages: What to Say

Have you ever experienced writers block because of tension and emotions when trying to react to and process a shocking event? This is very common especially during sorrowful times when a person tries to comfort another who has just lost a loved one.  Because people know that nothing can take away the pain at that very moment, they become unsure of what to say and express through their actions.  Fortunately there is a good and effective way of sympathizing with the bereaved—by sending funeral flowers.  To make it more effectual in terms of expressing feelings and loving messages, here is a short guide on funeral flower messages: what to say when you are out of words.

  1. First of all, since you are sending the card together with flowers, make sure you choose appropriate types of funeral flower arrangements.  This is because your written message will have to match the meaning that each flower conveys.  Otherwise, you might confuse the recipients or those who will be visiting during the funeral service.  You can also check  the symbolism of funeral flowers that different cultures and traditions hold.
  1. If you are a friend or a close relative of the deceased, you can choose to write a simple message expressing how much you sympathize with the family.  A short but powerful note would be “Sending our deepest sympathy for your loss”.  This should match easily with various funeral flowers ideas that usually convey compassion—which is very fundamental in helping those who are in deep sorrow move on with their lives at the soonest possible time.
  1. To give comfort to a friend who is suffering the loss of a family member, you can simply say “May your heart be comforted in these troubling times” or “I am with you during this time of loss.”  These small but soothing words are enough to say that you care about the person who is grieving.
  1. For religious families whom you want to send your loving messages of support, you can write a brief “My prayers are with you and your family”.  This is a very touching statement for those who believe in the power of prayer.
  1. If you are an immediate family member of the one who has passed away, you can attach simple cards on your ordered funeral flowers with the words “In loving memory of (insert name of the deceased here)” to show that you remember his or her goodness and significance.

If you decide to order online funeral flowers, you can still choose to add personal messages in cards that will match the arrangement you opt for.  Most online floral shops offer this without any additional charge, and those who are uncertain on what type of arrangement to order can ask for advice from the florist.  You can also ask for suggestions on what to put in funeral flower cards.  Nevertheless, your own comforting words are always the best funeral messages for those who are mourning especially if those words are sincere and from the heart.