Funeral Flowers for Dad

How to Choose Funeral Flowers for Your Father

Assuming you found this post because your father recently passed away, it’s easy to also assume that you’re: searching for information on the etiquette and protocol of buying funeral flowers for your dad; seeking inspiration for creative arrangements to honor your father; or shopping around to compare the prices of online vendors. In this guide, we provide you with all of that information and more.



All of the images of arrangements are links to products; if you click on any image, a new window will open. We only show funeral arrangements from the top three online florists that deliver in the US —,, and — all of which have secure checkouts (so you don’t have to worry about entering your credit card). alone has sold more than 50 million bouquets. These three shops also offer fresh-flower guarantees, coupon codes and same-day delivery.

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Funeral Flowers for Your Father: Etiquette and Tradition

As a close relative of the deceased, you are responsible for the casket spray that will sit atop the coffin during the funeral service. This should be your first priority when you’re shopping for funeral flowers. In this guide we’ll discuss how to choose flowers and color palettes for the casket spray and how to match your casket spray of choice with extra adornments (these pieces are placed inside the casket).

The adornments (handheld bouquet, pillow, wreath, flower for the lapel) are also usually chosen by the immediate family of the deceased. This gives you an opportunity to ensure that all the flowers inside and on-top of the casket pair in color and design.

You’ve probably noticed the theme here: any flowers that touch the casket are chosen by immediate family only. That said, depending on the bonds and relationships of your family, you can coordinate with more distant relatives (cousins, aunts/uncles, etc.) to share the responsibility of styling the casket.

Your Dad’s Casket Adornments

As mentioned above, you are responsible for any flowers that touch the casket — casket spray, pillows, small wreath, rosary strands and other casket adornments. We’ve included a few pictures below to show you the range of options you have if you’re considering adding extra flowers to the casket. Another idea, that is not pictured, is to hang a small wreath from the front left corner of the casket. This is usually for open-casket services only.

This may seem obvious, but it’s sometimes overlooked — make sure the casket adornments pair nicely with the casket spray. For example, if the casket spray includes a lot of red roses, include a few red roses (or other red blossoms) in the casket adornments. If the casket spray is tropical, use lilies and other more exotic flowers in the casket adornments as well.

Design consistency also applies to the lapel or front pock of your father’s suit. Make sure any flowers pinned to your father’s suit pair nicely with the casket spray and adornments around him. It is customary to choose a rose for the lapel, but some people prefer tropical flowers.

 Funeral Flowers for Dad: Honor His Interests

Now that we’ve covered which arrangements you’ll need to provide for the service, let’s discuss your options for flowers. This step is when you consider your father’s personality, the flowers he loved most, his favorite color, his birth month or his hobbies. Of course, you can also opt for flowers traditionally used for funerals, or base your decision on the symbolism of a flower.

Let’s explore each idea:


Choose Flowers that Symbolize Your Dad’s Personality

Custom-designed funeral flowers are chosen by families who want to highlight a particular hobby, personality trait, or passion of the deceased. As an example, if your father spent his time playing poker and vacationing in Vegas, you could have a florists design an arrangement that features playing cards or poker chips. Another example would be if your dad was an avid sports fan, a baseball or football- shaped arrangement would be suitable. Or maybe your father was a farmer or gardener and he often planted a certain flower that he loved. Close your eyes and think of your father … something will come to mind.

Funeral Arrangements that Showcase Your Father’s Favorite Color

If your father wore mostly blue and drove a blue truck, it’s no stretch to assume he really liked blue; in that case, honor him with an arrangement that showcases that color.

Generally, funeral arrangements for men favor richer, darker colors, tropical flowers, succulents and grasses. If you’re going for a more masculine look, avoid pastel-heavy arrangements (think Easter bouquets). There are also some other things you can do so that the arrangement isn’t too feminine — use cedar, tall grasses, mosses, pine or bush branches, and herbs such as rosemary and sage to produce a fragrant arrangement with a masculine, woodsy feel. 

If you’re father never favored any one color in particular, rely on the season for inspiration. Will the funeral services take place in spring? Purple and green arrangements are lovely that time of year, as are yellow and tropical-hued sprays. In the autumn, sunflowers and deep earthy tones (think pumpkin and burnt red) are quite appropriate. In winter, red blossoms are very fitting.

We briefly discuss seasons again in the next section — Honoring Your Father’s Birthday — so you’ll find more ideas there too.

Pay Tribute with Flowers that Represent His Birthday Month

When we’re mourning, it’s extremely difficult to imagine celebrating anything. Yet, that’s exactly what I’m about to recommend you do. Instead of randomly selecting a casket spray, that has little or no meaning to you, celebrate the month your father came into this world by selecting an arrangement that represents the month of his birth.

Here are the flowers we suggest for each month: 

January: carnation or snow drop
February: violet or primrose
March: daffodil or jonquil
April: sweet pea or daisy
May: lily of the valley or hawthorn
June: rose or honeysuckle
July: water lily, larkspur (delphinium)
August: gladiolus or poppy
September: aster or morning glory
October: calendula (marigold) or cosmos
November: chrysanthemum
December: poinsettia

You can also use the colors associated with months to choose flowers. For example, purple is a special color for those born in February, so instead of using violet or primrose blossoms (as suggested above) you could choose any purple blossoms. Following this same line of thinking, you could choose any red blossoms if you’re father was born in December. It’s really about what makes the most sense for your father’s funeral service.


Funeral Flowers Meaning and Symbolism — Learn Which Flowers are Best for Your Dad’s Funeral

Every flower has a symbolic meaning that was once important and more commonly understood. Arrangements were sent to homes to convey messages or relay secret codes. Nowadays we have smart phones, email and text messaging, so sending flowers as a way to express ourselves isn’t likely to happen that often. We send flowers because we like the way they look, not because we’re concerned with what they mean. That said, most people express some anxiety when choosing funeral flowers, afraid that they’ve chosen a type of flower that isn’t appropriate for the service. Well, to put your mind at ease, we’ve compiled a list of flowers that are excellent choices for your father’s funeral.

To get started, let’s first consider tropical flowers, which are a popular choice for funeral arrangements for fathers.

Heliconia: also known as the false bird of paradise, lobster claw, parrot flower or wild plantain. The flower family takes its name from Mount Helicon, where Greek mythology placed the Nine Muses of science and the arts. A gift of heliconia symbolizes inspiration and divine guidance.

Protea: symbolizes change and transformation.

Birds of Paradise: represent magnificence and, of course, paradise itself.

Red Ginger: the national flower of Samoa symbolizes strength.

Other flowers:

Gladiouli: express strength and moral integrity.

Cala Lily: symbolizes rebirth and resurrection. One of the most commonly used flowers for funeral arrangements.

Larkspur/Delphinium: express joy and love of laughter. If your father was a light-hearted soul who was always telling jokes, a larkspur arrangement would be a good way to honor his happiness and sense of humor.

Roses: vary in meaning depending on color, but white and red are commonly used for casket and standing sprays for men.

Richly colored tulips are also a good choice for an arrangement.

We go into the symbolism of flowers in much more detail on this page — The Language of Flowers: The Symbolism & Meaning of Common Funeral Flowers.

As we mentioned in a previous section (Honor Your Father’s Favorite Color), if you’re overwhelmed by the options, take a deep breath and consider the season. If it’s spring or summer, choose an all-white blossom arrangement or go with a richly hued arrangement accented by tropical flowers. If it’s autumn or winter, use cedar, pine, rosemary, tall grasses, or tree branch accents to give the arrangement a walk-through-the-forest theme.

Best Funeral Flowers For Dad: Online Arrangements

We’ve put together a small group of funeral arrangements that might be suitable for your father’s service.

All the arrangements come from only three online shops —,, and

Together, these shops have designed and delivered over 100 million arrangements. They’re trusted. They’re affordable. And they offer same-day delivery and a fresh-flower guarantee.

Click on any image to be redirected to the online shop that sells the arrangement.

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