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Funeral Flowers Ideas for Casket Sprays

There are five main options when deciding on funeral flowers arrangements:
In this post I will be covering funeral flowers ideas for caskets, or Casket Sprays.

Casket Sprays
The beautiful and touching tradition of tastefully decorating a casket with fresh cut flowers is usually saved for the closest family of the deceased, the children or those close family members who are planning the funeral arrangements will take charge of this particular flower arrangent. Therefore, good etiquette dictates asking the family before arranging the purchase of casket arrangements.

There are two kinds of casket sprays, or flower arrangements designed for display atop the casket:
1. “Lid sprays”, or a “full-couch” casket sprays, run the full length of the casket;
2. “Foot sprays”, also called a “half-couch” casket spray, is used for a half-open casket funeral service.

There is a lot of room for customizing a casket spray arrangement to the designers preferences. Usually a funeral flowers arrangement that is classic and/or traditional is preferred. But a funeral flowers casket spray arrangement can be personalized as much as the planner desires, either to suit the preferences of group planning the funeral, or based on the deceased loved one’s interests during life. A more sparse, natural, or rustic looking flower arrangement may speak to the naturalist or outdoorsman, while an elaborate brightly colored arrangement of flowers might better honor the avid gardener. White and yellow flowers speak to a life of joy and hope. And many flowers have specific meanings, like Chrysanthemums symbolize fidelity, and gerbera daisies symbolize innocence.

Some Funeral Flowers Casket Spray Arrangement Ideas:
Soft and Pretty Funeral Flowers Casket Spray Arrangements: A beautiful mixture of dark and light pink carnations could be perfect for a sister, mother, aunt, or grandmother. The carnation has been a symbol of beauty in the east for thousands of years.

Simplicity and Stunning Beauty Funeral Flowers Arrangement Idea:
Pairing dark green foliage with pure white flowers like orchids or lilies will produce a stunning funeral flowers casket spray arrangement. Orchids have been symbols of wisdom, beauty and love for ages, making such a casket spray tribute both beautiful and sophisticated.

Reverent Casket Spray Flowers Idea:
An overflowing amalgamation of different white flowers (lisianthus, carnations, larkspur) can symbolize purity, humility and truth to communicate your infinite reverence and love for the deceased.

Solace and a Comforting Sentiment Funeral Flowers Casket Arrangement Idea:
One of the most comforting colors is that of peach. Larkspur, lilies, roses, and gerbera daisies can combine to accomplish this warm colored funeral flowers casket spray arrangement while symbolizing ardent attachment, virtue, everlasting love, and loyalty.